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Supporting the good people
who disobey bad laws

Thank you for your support!

15 Dec. 2015 Posted by derrickj in trial

James Cleaveland Trial

James Cleaveland is an activist, accountant, and small business owner in Keene, NH who was kidnapped by state agents while recording video of law enforcers. They charged him with “disorderly conduct” (the state’s favorite catch-all charge) and “resisting arrest” (always thrown in to set the narrative). In reality, the man who manhandled James and put him in a cage is the one who was being disorderly, but the state doesn’t exist to charge itself with crimes, only the tax livestock who don’t fall in line.

25 Jun. 2013 Posted by brian in Courts

CD Evolution Supports Rich Paul Appeal

Rich Paul was arrested and charged with four cases of selling cannabis and one count of selling LSD. These are felonies that, together, could land Rich 81 years in prison.

Instead, Rich decided to defend himself, but he did it with a twist. For the cannabis charges, he did not deny that he sold to people who needed it. Rather, he used, as his defense, the thousand-year-old common law right of a jury to decide the fate of the defendant based, not on the facts of the case, but on the jurors' personal opinion of the statutes under which the defendant was charged.

22 Feb. 2012 Posted by brian in Courts

Request for Help - DWI

We recently received this email:

I am accused of a dwi4. I was stupid and did not know my rights and pled out of the first three. I received my fourth one just because of my record.

24 Dec. 2011 Posted by brian in Activism

Your Rights During Protest and Mass Action

By Olivia Lennox

The right to free speech and the right to free assembly are protected constitutional rights. However, that does not mean that people cannot be arrested while attempting to exercise them. The current Occupy protests in New York, New Hampshire and cities all over the US and the world have brought this into focus for many. In January, Occupy New Hampshire is planning an Occupy the New Hampshire Primary event. Many other direct action protests, some associated with the Occupy movement and others not, take place regularly.
14 Dec. 2011 Posted by brian in Activism

Bradley Jardis and Tommy Mozingo Conduct Outreach at PSU

Bradley Jardis and Tommy Mozingo showed up at the Plymouth State University campus as promised, but were unarmed. In the days leading up to the event, the story got more complex.